Which Agency Is Charged With Enforcing Affirmative Action Programs — I Hate CBT's (2024)

Question: Companies that make a concerted effort to attract and hire women and other minority groups ____________

Answer: know that their efforts correlate with increasing women and minority customers


Answer: contingent employees

Question: When performing a job analysis, the human resource manager will write a job description, as well as a job specification. The job specification consists of _________

Answer: the minimum academic and experience qualifications

Question: One of the reasons that companies experience challenges obtaining employees when positions become open is ____________

Answer: it is often difficult to find a qualified candidate that doesn’t need training after hire

Question: When AJ was hired by Idle Time Gaming, Inc., he accepted an opportunity to be part of the management training program. Besides on-the-job coaching, a common aspect of management development programs is ____________

Answer: job rotation

Question: In order to get a comprehensive evaluation of the computer programmers he managed, Justin organized a(n) __________________, where he asked immediate coworkers and others that worked closely with the programmers to participate in the evaluation process

Answer: 360-Degree Review

Question: Jake’s family owned a plumbing company with a steadfast reputation of excellent work. Yet, when Jake joined the business, his father required that he spend several years working alongside two licensed plumbers. In business, we call Jake’s starting position a(n) ______________

Answer: apprentice


Answer: compensation

Question: Once the job analysis is performed, there are several well-structured steps to the hiring process. This process includes _____________

Answer: performing background checks on selected candidates, and establishing probationary periods

Question: When Maggie joined Techno-Nerds, Inc., she automatically joined an employee team. Team members each had base salaries, but they were also compensated through a __________ system, where they would receive bonuses for team improvements over the last time the team’s performance was evaluated

Answer: gain-sharing

Which Agency Is Charged With Enforcing Affirmative Action Programs — I Hate CBT's (2024)
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