UK T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion | (2024)

Also known as ‘the medium for the message’, t-shirts have been actively present throughout the evolution of clothing. A T-shirt is synonymous to comfort in every sense. From lightweight materials like cotton and linen to cashmere or woolen, they have a variety of styles and appearances.

During the 1950s, white t-shirts were mostly worn by men. By the end of that year, a number of companies in the UK started using graphic designs and prints on t-shirts, which made them a worldwide sensation among youth. Since then, T-shirt popularity has kept growing.

In today’s world, it’s hard to find a single wardrobe without a T-shirt in it. It feels even better to wear them. But you should make sure to get the right fitting in order to feel comfortable and have a nice appearance. In this detailed guide, we have explained how the UK T-Shirt Size system works, and added an illustration of T-shirt anatomy that you have a perfect understanding of what to keep in mind when getting a new T-shirt for perfect fitting.

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T-Shirt Size, fit and measurement & how they impact your fitting:

In order to create an exclusive look, one must make sure that the clothing he/she is wearing should complement his/her body structure and accentuate the flattering areas. Clothing should be the medium of comfort and exclusiveness. In order to become a center of attention, one must know how and what to wear.

Different body types have different cloth preferences. A woman with a round-shaped body needs to wear an oversized t-shirt, whereas a woman with an hourglass-shaped body should wear a body-hugging t-shirt if she is comfortable wearing one.

Accurate measurement ensures the final outcome is perfect in case of fitting and enhances the outfit as well as the personality of that particular person. For example, if a tailor makes a slight mistake in taking the measurement of a woman’s gown, she might end up looking like a child in a borrowed gown.

Inaccurate measurement might result in tearing or destroying of fabric if worn carelessly. One might even trip and fall if the garment is too long and end up leaving a trail behind.

How are T-shirt sizes measured UK? What Measuring system does UK use?

T-shirts are measured normally using a measuring tape all over the world and UK is no exception. One might even take the measurement from an existing t-shirt if he/she feels fit.

In case of a body measurement, the person should make sure that he/she is not slouching. The measuring tape should be held properly, leaving a centimeter’s gap to ensure proper fitting. The shoulder, torso, waist, hips and sleeves are to be measured accurately.

While taking the measurement from an existing t-shirt, one must put on the t-shirt to make sure it fits properly on the body. After a thorough affirmation, he must place the t-shirt on a flat surface and ensure that it is smooth and uncrumpled. Then, he should take the measuring tape and note down the measurements respectively.

The bust measurement should be taken by placing the tape just an inch below the armholes; the length should be calculated by placing the tape vertically from the collar to the bottom seam. Furthermore, the sleeves should also be measured by taking the tape and holding it in-between the area from the shoulder joint to the end of the sleeves.

These are the common measurement guide that one needs to follow while purchasing any form of clothing directed to the upper body.


UK T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion | (1)


UK T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion | (2)


UK T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion | (3) UK T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion | (4)

UK T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion | (5)


UK T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion | (6) UK T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion | (7) UK T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion | (8) UK T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion | (9)


UK T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion | (10)


UK T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion | (11)

UK T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion | (12)

UK T-Shirt Size: How to Use This Size Chart to Choose the Right T-shirt (from Size XXS to 3XL)


Choosing the right t-shirt might be a hectic task for a person wearing it for the first time. Others just need to refer to the size charts provided by that brand. One should always look for a black or white tee to add up to his/her closet. These two colors are unparalleled in the clothing industry.

A person with a chest measurement of 42″, must choose the size L. Whereas, a person with a bust of 39″, should opt for the size M.

T-Shirt Conversion Chart UK<>US<>AUS<>ASIA>EU

For every person wishing to invest in a foreign brand, one must follow the guidelines of that particular brand and also refer to the conversion chart provided here:

US /
International. Size
US/UK SizeAUSTRALIAEuro SizeJAPANFrench SizeItalian Size

In order to get hold of the chart clearly, one must refer to the measurement provided in every column. If a person from UK wants to buy a t-shirt from an Australian brand, the easiest way is to look for the alphabetical sizing pattern that he/she usually follows, then look for the measurement in inches or centimeters.

To further elaborate the statement, a detailed explanation regarding the size-chart references would come in handy. For example, a person from the European Union should first refer to the alphabetical sizing order (S-M-L) and point out his size. The next work should be referring to the measurement in numbers to ensure that he has chosen the right alphabet. If the numbers are matching with the alphabetical size, then he should purchase that outfit without even giving a single thought and if not, he should look for the next size.

Want to buy from a UK T-shirt brand? Here is a guide you can follow to find the perfect T-shirt size fit for you

Most of the brands have become quite inclusive regarding their size range. Plus-sized men and women should not have to go look too hard to find their perfect size from limited options. Even if the size is perfect, he/she has fewer color and design options, which makes it disheartening, to say the least.

UK brands mostly cover the range starting from extra small (XS) till triple extra large (3XL). Many plus-sized brands have also emerged over the decade, whose sole purpose is to concentrate on the plus-sized fashion industry and extend their boundary.

For example, if the bust size of a person is 45″, he/she should go for 2XL sized t-shirt from any fashion brand hailing from the UK. Similarly, if the bust size is 40″, one must choose a size L depending upon the brand.

Watch T-Shirt Measurements & Size Chart Guide Illustration:


Following is the size guide that a man should follow in order to purchase a t-shirt of short or long sleeves:


Now, let us go through the measurement guide of a woman.


Women from UK, must refer to the given size guide for detailed interpretation:

How Do I convert UK T Shirt Size to US T-shirt Size?


From the above chart, we can clearly see that both the US and the UK follow a similar pattern of measurements. So, it would not be a problem to choose the correct size for a person wishing to buy from a US label.

UK T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion | (13)

UK T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion | (2024)


What is the UK size shirt to the US size? ›

3 more rows

How does UK convert to US sizes? ›

  • US Size 2 = UK Size 6.
  • US Size 4 = UK Size 8.
  • US Size 6 = UK Size 10.
  • US Size 8 = UK Size 12.
  • US Size 10 = UK Size 14.
  • US Size 12 = UK Size 16.
  • US Size 14 = UK Size 18.

What are UK shirt sizes? ›

  • XS. 25.5.
  • S. 25.75.
  • M. 16.5. ...
  • L. 26.25.
  • XL. 17.5. 26.5.
  • XXL. 18.5. 26.75.
  • XXXL.

How do I know my UK size? ›

US 2 - approximately UK 6 (Waist 24"/25" and Bust 31"/32") US 4 - approximately UK 8 (Waist 26”/27" and Bust 33”/34") US 6 - either UK 8 (Waist 26”/27" and Bust 33”/34") or UK 10 (Waist 27”/28" and Bust 35”/36") US 8 - either UK 10 (Waist 27”/28" and Bust 35”/36") or UK 12 (Waist 29”/30" and Bust 37”/38")

Is UK XL same as US XL? ›

In general, UK sizes tend to be smaller than US sizes, so a UK size may correspond to a smaller chest measurement than a US size.

What is UK size XL in US? ›

Women's Clothing Sizes
UK SizesUSA Sizes
8 more rows

Is UK and US clothing size the same? ›

For instance, if you're buying a dress in size 6 in a US store, that means you're buying a UK size 12. Similarly, if you're a size 0 in the US, you'll be a size 4 in the UK.

Is UK size and US size different? ›

However, the US starts counting from 1, so US sizes are 1 unit larger than their UK equivalents. That is to say, a US10 is the same length as a UK9, which are both 1/3″ longer than a US9 and UK8.

Do UK clothes run smaller than us? ›

In general, UK sizes tend to be smaller than US sizes, so a UK size may correspond to a smaller chest measurement than a US size.

Are UK shirt sizes smaller than US? ›

Usually 2 sizes smaller - uk 16 is a us 12, etc, according to, although sometimes I think it's closer to uk 16 = us 14. And it really does depend on brand. Sizeguide and most online retailers have conversion charts so maybe check on the site for the brand you're buying.

How do you measure for a shirt UK? ›

Start at the top of the centre back, just below the collar. Place the tape measure here and measure to the peak of the shoulder, then note down this measurement. Next, place the tape measure at the peak of the shoulder, and measure down towards the elbow.

What UK size do I wear? ›

UK to US Size Conversion:UK size 6 = US size 2UK size 8 = US size 4UK size 10 = US size 6UK size 12 = US size 8UK size 14 = US size 10UK size 16 = US size 12UK size 18 = US size 14. Men's Clothing:UK size 36 = US size 36.

How do I measure myself for clothes UK? ›

Women's Measure Guide
  1. Bust. Measure over the fullest part of the chest under the arms and straight across the back.
  2. Waist. Measure 4cm above navel with the tape snug but not tight.
  3. Hips. Measure the fullest part of the body, generally 20cm below the waist.
  4. Inside Leg. Measure from the crotch to the desired trouser length.

What is a UK size 10 in US clothing? ›

UK size 10 in women's dresses is US size 6. This is equivalent to the S international size. This dress size has a bust of 86-89 cm (33.5-35 inches), a waist of 69-72 cm (26.5-28 inches), and a hips size of 95-97 cm (37-38 inches).

Is UK size 10 small or medium? ›

In the UK, a size 10 is considered a medium.

Are UK mens shirt sizes the same as US? ›

For more fitted tops and jackets numerical sizes are also sometimes used. The size indications for men are actually the same for the USA, UK, Brasil and Italy.

What size shirt is UK 12 in US? ›

UK to US Size Conversion:UK size 6 = US size 2UK size 8 = US size 4UK size 10 = US size 6UK size 12 = US size 8UK size 14 = US size 10UK size 16 = US size 12UK size 18 = US size 14. Men's Clothing:UK size 36 = US size 36.

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